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States take a shine to solar energy

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The USA has tripled its solar-power-generating capacity since 2010 and increased it tenfold since 2007, according to a new report from the non-profit advocacy group Environment America.

The report said California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, New Mexico and New Jersey lead the country when it comes to the amount of electricity being generated from the sun’s energy.

Although those are some of the country’s sunniest states, the report says it’s the political commitment that makes the most impact: Lawmakers in those states have passed solar-friendly laws and regulations.

“The sun shines on every state to varying degrees. But there’s plenty of the sun’s energy to tap everywhere,” study co-author Rob Sargent said. “And what this report shows is that it takes a commitment from the top.”

Despite the increases, America gets less than 1% percent of its electricity from solar power, Sargent said. But the rapid growth is heartening.


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