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India: Solar energy is the way!

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Most of the states in India are blessed with an optimum amount of sunlight needed to set up solar energy plants and light up the place yet many villages today turn gloomy as the sun sets and they have to strain their eyes under the candle light. Children can’t study well, womenfolk work in clumsy houses with no light or fan and irrigation isn’t facilitated with electrically powered pumps. How can we expect such places to develop?

 One such village was Atrauli of Uttar Pradesh before it was brought to life by the solar powered equipments set up by Omnigrid Micropower Company. Such companies are listed under the category RISCO-Renewable Energy Service Company which work in the energy domain areas such as Solar, Wind, hydro etc. The company offers lanterns, fans and mobile chargers for rent apart from the 22 Rs per unit electricity which is expensive but still comes as a ray of hope in the place where power is supplied for only 7 hours in an entire day. It has solved numerous problems like a diary chilling of milk which was otherwise sold to Prayag and other companies which often didn’t offer good prices. Also, a large amount of it used to get spoiled daily. There’s a new college being constructed that would have electricity to facilitate studying in comfort and there are talks of a new cinema hall being constructed. Once electricity comes to a place developments proceed at an accelerated rate. Big investors don’t mind paying a little extra for electricity when they can get return of their investments like in case of Cinema Hall, Dairy chiller and schools. This brings new hopes for villages where life has become stagnant.


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