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Solar Panels Donated by Motech Americas LLC Helps Special Needs Family Afford Medical Care for Two Disabled Sons

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A just-completed housing project features solar panels donated by Motech Americas LLC, a solar company with a 20-year heritage of manufacturing the highest quality solar panels, to help a special needs family significantly reduce the energy costs for the family with two disabled young sons. This Habitat for Humanity Project, championed by MOTECH’s partnering company, Sungevity, will significantly defray the cost for operating essential monitoring devices for the boys who have physical and mental disabilities. Sungevity is one of the nation’s Residential Solar Leasing Companies, making solar affordable for everyone.

“This is a hard-working family looking to provide the best possible care for their children under difficult financial and emotional circumstances,” said Sharon O’Shea, Director of Marketing at MOTECH. “The boy’s mom stays home 24 hours a day to ensure proper medical care, while their dad must work to cover both living and extensive medical expenses.”

“Raising children requires an enormous commitment under even the best of circumstances,” O’Shea added, “MOTECH is so happy to be able to help these parents afford the special care they need for their boys. We know just how important our donation can be, and that’s why we are pleased to help reduce the burden faced by this family.”

Habitat for Humanity builds community and improves lives by partnering with low-income families in need of a place to live and with community donors and volunteers to build simple, safe and affordable neighborhoods. Habitat accomplishes this by building much of each home with volunteer labor, then selling the homes at cost with no-interest mortgages. In addition, the families themselves contribute at least 500 hours of sweat equity on Habitat builds and education programs. Moving into safe, healthy, and affordable housing breaks the cycle of poverty for a family; impacting all of its future generations and creating prospects for the future that are much improved.

“Habitat is clearly a worthy cause,” O’Shea said, “and MOTECH is gratified to be able to help make a difference.”

About Motech Americas Motech Americas LLC is the most experienced manufacturer of solar modules with its Newark, Delaware facility in operations for more than 20 years. MOTECH utilizes Six-Sigma rigor, best in class quality, and customer fulfillment standards that are second-to-none. MOTECH is the world’s fifth largest solar cell manufacturer, providing complete control over its supply chain and access to ensure superior cell products. For additional information, visit

Media Contact: Motech Americas LLC Sharon O’Shea Director of Marketing (302) 451-7500

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