Sorapro - The Solar Monitor

Solar Monitoring System

Empower yourself and

your clients with SORAPRO.

Installation takes less than one hour and networking is plug and play.

If you run in to problems or simply have questions, our support team awaits your call or email.

SORAPRO is the only PV product on the market that supports you, the solar integrator,

through every step of the process:

Phase I: Marketing

Phase 1


Our software is unique in its approach to energy monitoring. The industry spends their resources on competing with each other on making “the best” solar monitor. SORAPRO bypasses competition by reaching out to the end user. Solar owners are given the keys to a community where they can share their story with their peers: what installer they used, what materials they purchased, how much money they are saving, etc. By connecting the user with their peers through SORAPRO’s connection to social media, we are marketing for the installer. No lead is more qualified than a referral.

Phase II: Sales

Phase 2


The SORAPRO community offers support and advice to the end user. They can access the community and find unbiased opinions about RECs, materials, maintenance, and ways to raise the bar and achieve even more savings. This tool is given to the end user free of charge and thus creates a valuable advantage to the installer to be able to offer SORAPRO

Load and solar output

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Phase III: Purchasing

Phase 3


Through partner distributors, SORAPRO will link to ordering interfaces to streamline the purchasing process. Our front end application will allow installer partners to add materials to their clients’ project and purchase those materials. Distribution partners will also leverage their power to offer promotions and best pricing to installation partners. Purchase orders can be built and entered directly through the SORAPRO interface using the distribution partner of their choice.

Phase IV: Installation

Phase 4


Installers will have access to the community as well to link with peers around the world and get advice on best practices, how to’s, warranties, installation manuals, etc to make their installation easier. The community can also be utilizes to set up groups in order to communicate information to their clients throughout the installation process.

Phase V:

Metering and Monitoring

Phase 5

SORAPRO includes metering and monitoring. Hardware will be selected by the partner and installed during the installation process and is offered both revenue grade and non-revenue grade. SORAPRO is registered with GATS and MassCEC as a Third Party Provider [TPR] and can automate the process of

Ensure your installations are keeping
you above your competition.

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transferring SRECs to the reporting agency at a fee to the end user. After installation, SORAPRO will activate the hardware and link it to the SORAPRO portal for portfolio management. System includes warning, alerts, email notifications, etc.