Sorapro - The Solar Monitor

What matters to you matters to us…sounds simple enough but how often do you feel that way with your solar partners.  SoraPro provides the best of breed hardware, simple to use software and stands behind everything we do.   It’s not our motto it’s how we do business.

SORAPRO has three mainlines of hardware applications; Residential, Light Commercial, and Full Scale Commercial all of which allow for;

  • In Stock for quick shipment or pick up
  • Remote monitoring  the systems to ensure that they are producing at optimal efficiency at all times. :
  • Revenue Grade Use
  • Single or Three Phase applications
  • Integrated Display
  • Weather Station
  • Quick Installation
    • Pre Configured for faster installation
    • Installation takes less than 1 hour
    • Networking is plug and play.
  • Reliable Hardware
    • Assembly is done in house here in the United States

Hardware without Software and Support, does that make sense to you? It didn’t to us either.
Software – find out more
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