Sorapro - The Solar Monitor

The benefits of the Sorapro PVMet Weather Station are twofold: our innovative design and unique interface serve to make you aware of your consumption patterns and save you money while also helping to conserve the world we live in. The renewable energy system offered by Sorapro is the gateway to the future. When using our service, you can rest assured knowing that you are doing your part to minimize the consumption of non-renewable sources of energy and thereby reduce the toxic emission of greenhouse gases. Sorapro’s PVMet Weather Station is the most efficient way to manage your solar energy consumption, track the performance of your Sorapro system, and regulate both air temperature and temperature of your module. You can now monitor your solar power usage directly from your laptop using the PVMet Weather Station. Saving the environment has never been easier and more accessible.

Without Sorapro and the PVMet Weather Station, our environment is at a great risk. We are continuing to exhaust our limited supply of fossil fuels, coal, natural gas, and oil that provide a single usage and that are destroying our environment. These energy sources release toxins that pollute the air we breathe and largely disrupt both water-based and land-based ecosystems. They promote the emission of excess carbon monoxide, poisoning our oxygen supply and heating the Earth’s atmosphere at an increased rate.

Meanwhile, Sorapro provides detrimental advantages to environmental conservation. By conducting solar energy as an alternative to traditional means of electricity production, you are preserving and protecting the natural state of our environment and habitat. Solar power releases the least amount of carbon emission, making it the most environmentally friendly and cost effective form of energy. With the PVMet Weather Station, you can be a part of the solution.

While we are quickly running out of non-renewable resources as a means of energy production, you will be on the forefront of modern energy production. Join the hundreds of households who use Sorapro to monitor their solar power usage and to construct the most effective schedule for personalized energy consumption patterns. You will be saving energy that would otherwise be wasted, simultaneously eliminating the environmental factors and health risks associated with using non-renewable sources of energy.

At Sorapro, saving our planet and conserving its natural state is our top priority, and we work hard to promote this ideal to its full potential. Help make air pollution and land and water contamination caused by non-renewable sources of energy a thing of the past. Our PVMet Weather Station provides the easiest, one-time installation process and is guaranteed to guide you in the right direction for the future of solar energy production. We offer a wide range of services to fit any of your renewable energy needs, from single household residential monitoring to large-scale commercial monitoring.