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Solar Monitor

Solar Monitor

What matters to you matters to us…sounds simple enough but how often do you feel that way with your solar partners.  SoraPro provides the best of breed hardware, simple to use software and stands behind everything we do.   It’s not our motto it’s how we do business.

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  • Community Connectivity
    • Lead Generation ~ leads with social media
    • Access to other installers in the SORAPRO community
  • Alerts ~ Real time alarms,notifications and reporting
    • Ensure your system is running properly and generating power as it should
    • Identifies and sends alerts
  • Reporting ~ Lifetime access included
    • Historical Graphics
    • Generate monthly reports
    • Report generation directly to GATS
  • System Management
    • Easy to use interface
    • Network configuration made easy through multiple connection options and Auto-connect to a network through DHCP
    • Allow you to seamlessly change and analyze different sites

Software without Hardware and Support, does that make sense to you? It didn’t to us either.

Support – find out more

Call us (855) 767-2776 or contact us by email at