Sorapro - The Solar Monitor

3 Reasons Installers use SORAPRO

Generate More Sales Leads

With SORAPRO, your business can reach more potential customers than ever before.  SORAPRO makes it easy to get referrals from your existing customers.  SORAPRO promotes money savings through monitoring and provides sharing through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media tools.

Making it easy for your customers to share the benefits of solar with their friends is the fastest way to bring attention to you and your business.

Customer Service Made Simple with Portfolio Management

Your customers will have access to the SORAPRO community.  The community offers support and advice to your customers so you won’t spend the entire day fielding customer service calls.  Your customers will receive unbiased opinions about RECs, materials, maintenance, and ways to raise the bar and achieve even more savings.

Now you can spend more time making sales and installing systems and less time on the phone with past customers.

Manage Systems Effortlessly

SORAPRO makes it easy to monitor the performance of your customer’s systems.  When the system is low in production, offline, or not reporting, SORAPRO notifies the owner and installer via email of a potential problem so that action can be taken to rectify the problem.  SORAPRO has an easy to read chart so you can see the performance of a system over time.

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